One of my biggest pet peeves on any and all social networking/blogging what the fuck ever communities is the people who nag all of the time about their own image. 

So many beautiful people out there who frown at their mirror, and sometimes even cry. 

We are given this image, in the media, of what man and woman ‘should’ look like.

We are not of this body to begin with.

We must take care of our bodies so we do not suffer problems in the future, in my own belief.  But that does not mean we should result to not eating meals, or throwing them up.

This will cause massive harm to your teeth/gums anyway! so say you DO get your weight down and you are all ribs, and then you have no teeth! well I MUST say, what a trade!

no matter what the image in your reflection shows, you are all beautiful.  Every single one of you.

Beauty can only be gauged once a person has looked completely into another’s soul, and seen what makes them tick.  Any time before that is simply premature.

By all means, if you are over weight and not happy with your image, then eat healthy, work out! don’t post about it! don’t cry your self to sleep and nag and complain about it!

Accept ones flaws to better understand a person.  If you are capable of changing something, you dislike, then rid yourself of it completely.

But do things in an orderly and smart fashion. Get healthy don’t vomit in search of a plastic image, which is not always beautiful to begin with.  At least through my eyes. 

Nothing is wrong with being small or large, or even medium.  Stop trying to be another person and be who you are meant to be.

There are too many reasons to keep us sad and upset and down these days, so STOP TRYING TO FIND MORE!

Same thing goes for self harm.  If it is endorphins you are in search of, through pain, get PROFESSIONAL piercings or PROFESSIONAL tattoos.  If you are not of age, put the sharp object down and pick up a pencil and doodle.  OR paint.  OR read. Write.  SOMETHING POSITIVE IS KEY!

retract: use a pen and not a pencil so one may not be tempted in the heat of the struggle!

We must learn to be here for our neighbors.  Lend a shoulder and be there for a shoulder to cry on, or lend ears to listen. 

I do not wish to force any view or belief down any ones throat, just simply sharing a perspective. 

I am half asleep so I am ending my rant.

Remember to smile and keep your head up today.

If you think positively, the world reacts positively.  It is not a metaphor it is a law and fact.  Prove me wrong I dare you.

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